6 Financial Mistakes You'll Soon Regret
6 Financial Mistakes You'll Soon Regret
Written on 9/24/2008 by me, Jay White, the founder of Dumb Little Man and an all around average guy. I am just starting to play with Facebook so entertain me and become a friend or add the DLM app.

Assuming you haven't been under a rock for the last 10 years, I'm fairly certain that you don't need me to tell you the obvious. So, I am not going to mention the common advice of choosing credit cards, reducing debt, setting a budget, or managing cash.

What I want to try to do here is get into some of the lesser known (or lesser practiced) mistakes that a ton of people make and soon or later regret. To me, these are the things that fly under the radar either because, "We're so busy" or because we have a hundred other excuses that allow a never ending justification for our inaction.

If that intro didn't make you feel at least a little guilty, read on. At some point you'll identify something you've been ignoring.

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